About Robinwood Station

Friends of Robinwood Station (FORS)

The Friends of Robinwood Station (FORS) is a nonprofit organization consisting of an all volunteer group of neighbors who strive to maintain and manage the Robinwood Station as a community Center for all of West Linn.

Robinwood Station Mission

To foster community connection and engagement through the operation of Robinwood Station in West Linn as an inclusive community center.

FORS Board of Directors

Kevin Bryck, President

Randall Fastabend, Head of Operations & Events

Kazi Ahmed

Russ Axelrod

Tony Bracco

Carol Bryck

Lisa Clifton

Angie Hammond

Mike Hammond

Emily Harris

Peter LeClaire, Secretary

Charlie Mcgeehan

Jim O'Toole

Max Schulte-Hillen

Justin Wright

Tim Zagone