Policies and Procedures for Facility Rental

General Statement of Policy:

The Robinwood Station shall be made available under capable and responsible adult supervision:

Use Application Procedures:


Rules and Restrictions:

Clean up shall include the following:

(Note: You are responsible for your group’s cleanliness.)

** Paper towels, toilet paper, garbage can liners, other supplies are located in the Kitchen cabinet under the counter closest to the Rest Room.

Failure to adhere to regulations outlined by the FORS Policy and Procedures for Room Use, will mean forfeiture of use or deposits that otherwise may have been returned to group, immediate removal from the premises and may also subject group to other charges under municipal ordinances or state law.

Law enforcement officers shall have the right to attend any function for the purpose of inspections, etc. The Chief of Police or any law enforcement officer has the right to terminate use of these facilities during any function should the participant's conduct violate any local or state laws, regulations or codes (including noise). Any deposits would be forfeited by group.

Any representative from the FORS shall have the authority to enter the premises at all times to monitor/spot check functions for compliance with policies, procedures and rules.

User(s) assume all liability during the time of use.

approved May 2012