Robinwood Station Activity Calendar

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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Per the citywide mandate 

Robinwood Station will be closed 

for all public and private activities 

until April 1st 2020.

Call Randall at 503-789-3763 or email

PLEASE NOTE: We are not currently accepting any reservations after June 1st 2020
due to zombies and the pending Station remodeling activities. 

FORS does not control the zombies or the construction timing so we are being proactive and prudent.

We will be happy to put an event after April 1st on the Station calendar as a 'hold' until we get better sense of the zombie invasion and the construction calendar but you would need to have a backup plan.

This Google Calendar is the official facility calendar, 
but there may be other events pending, so please book early.
Robinwood Station accepts reservations 3 months in advance.
West Linn Civic and Youth groups rates are set by the Board.
West Linn residents' private party and event rate is only $20/hour.  
Events and groups from outside West Linn pay $40/hour.
The corporate and institutional rate is $60/hour.
Non-profit and private sales event rates are to be negotiated.

Please scroll down and review our Station Policies and Procedures and then 
download, fill out and submit an Application and User Agreement.


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