Robinwood Station Activity Calendar

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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Per the citywide mandate 

Robinwood Station is closed 

indefinitely for all activities. 

We are not currently accepting any reservations due to the zombies and the pending Station remodeling activities.

FORS does not control the zombies or the construction timing so we are being proactive and prudent.

We look forward to reopening the Station as permitted by the city up until the construction calendar catches up with us.

Since construction is currently caught up in the city planning morass we do not anticipate construction until late autumn or winter of 2020.

Call Randall at 503-789-3763 or email

This Google Calendar is the official facility calendar, 
but there may be other events pending, so please book early.
Robinwood Station accepts reservations 3 months in advance.
West Linn Civic and Youth groups rates are set by the Board.
West Linn residents' private party and event rate is only $20/hour.  
Events and groups from outside West Linn pay $40/hour.
The corporate and institutional rate is $60/hour.
Non-profit and private sales event rates are to be negotiated.

Please scroll down and review our Station Policies and Procedures and then 
download, fill out and submit an Application and User Agreement.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Robinwood Station Facilities

The Station can accommodate 2 simultaneous events in the lower Bay and the upper Commons.

The Bay:
  • About 35' x 40' inside with a 15' high ceiling.  Maximum capacity is 84.
  • 7 folding banquet tables 30" x 84" 
  • 10 round cafe tables 24" and 36" 
  • 66 padded stacking banquet chairs
  • 3 leather sofas and 2 leather arm chairs
  • Dual 8' wide x 12' high roll-up doors
  • Modular, movable 8" high stage up to 8' x 16'
  • 6 Programmable LED Stage Lights 
  • HD projector with 12' wide x 8' high screen.  HDMI and DVI input cables (composite and S-video, bring your own)
  • 5.1 sound system with 1/8" mini stereo and USB inputs
  • The concrete slab floor sports all the original patina 
The upper Commons rooms:
  • The Board Room: is a 14' x14' carpeted room with a  36" x 72" conference table and 10 rolling desk chairs.
  • The Dining Room has a 5" round table with 6 comfy chairs and a leather sofa.
  • The Kitchen has a 4 burner cooktop, refrigerator and dual sink.
There are at least 20 parking spaces onsite, paved and gravel, depending how efficiently you allocate spaces.

Please see the current floor plan below in Design Concept section.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Robinwood Station Interior Photos

Bay Area

Bay Area - Cafe setup for live music
Board Room



Monday, July 29, 2013

Robinwood Station Policies and Procedures for Facility Use

Robinwood Station Application and User Agreement

The 2 page Application form below is in PNG format 
because Google doesn't allow posting of PDF format docs neatly.  

The form looks too wide here on the site because it is in high resolution so it will print clearly. 

Copy BOTH pages and fill in the appropriate blanks.  
Please complete and submit BOTH pages.

Copies are also available in the box by the Station front door.
Questions to

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Robinwood Station Needs Volunteers and Donations!

The Robinwood Station Community Center can use donors and hearty volunteers with expertise and resources to contribute to our mission to operate and upgrade the Station. Donations of cash, building materials and furnishings may be tax deductible.  

We could currently use landscape architect services to help plan the future of the entire site.

Please contact us.

Monday, July 1, 2013

What's going on outside? The Robinwood Garden!

The Robinwood Station hosts the cooperative community Robinwood Garden!  
Join the fun and read all about it at:

Friday, May 31, 2013

Robinwood Station Design Concepts by Gary Hitesman

Concept Phase One - Building 1 remodel floor plan showing:
  1. Commons restroom remodel for functionality and appearance.
  2. Add second ADA restroom in existing Bay storage closet area.  Mechanical closet and storage opens to Commons 
  3. Modify Commons floor plan to improve functionality.
  4. Replace both Commons entry doors.
  5. Upgrade to energy efficient kitchen appliances and water heater.
Since these improvements occur within the current building footprint, they only require building permits and do not trigger the need for a new CUP.

Concept Phase Two - Priority repairs to Building 1 for integrity, safety and code compliance

This project will require considerable outlay for architectural and engineering services prior to construction.

1. Master plan Robinwood Station site and structure build-out options.

2. Replace Building 1 roofs and insulate to code.  Coordinate these upgrades with structural and seismic reinforcing, providing specified sheathing and seismic ties where required.  Examine options for the total life costs of replacing the existing flat /low slope roof with an architecturally compatible sloped roof system, incorporating solar photovoltaic energy installation and rainwater runoff collection.

3. Bay CMU wall seismic structural retrofit and insulation.
Bay interior wall treatment and create enclosed storage.

Concept Phase Three, Expansion Option A:

Facility footprint expansion options requiring CUP and funding 
This is the most cost effective expansion of the facility to serve multiple larger group activities, as warranted by community demand. Additional finished community space could be readily added to the east side of the Bay structure, increasing potential for structural seismic enhancement.

This plan is designed to build with the least disturbance to ongoing operations, existing grades, circulation and parking areas.  The site plan reserves existing sunny areas for the Garden and preserves all significant trees.  Additional accessible parking spaces are created east of the existing Cedaroak driveway.

Concept Phase Four, Option C:
One option for complete facility site plan at build-out to accommodate three simultaneous events at the Station while preserving all of the current garden space.